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Missing children, happy memories.

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Janeson & Oz

Oz, the Great and Mighty.

No, this isn’t a post about children who’ve gone missing. It’s about my missing two kids who I got to know and enjoy last summer.

I had hung around with “Pampa” Dan Smith for several years before I got to meet the delightful grandchildren he refers to as his “Pampettes.” Last year I finally got to meet his granddaughter, Madeline, who I’d heard so much about, her younger brother Oscar, Dan’s son, Evan, and Evan’s wife, Kara.

I have lots of great memories of their visit.

I shared their “welcome home” lunch at the City Market, where I met Maddie and Oz for the first time.

Dan, Maddie, and I went hiking and then had lunch, where I got to introduce them to my favorite youngest niece, Ally.

Maddie and I leaving the loo.

Pre-hike pitstop at Roaring Run.

Maddie & Me at Wendy's

Fine dining at Wendy’s.

Then Madeline and I put on a fashion show for Dan at Goodwill.

Tricolor dress at Goodwill

Janeson, the Understudy.

Maddie the Model

Maddie, the Model.

Buffy, Dan, Maddie, and I went kayaking at Carvins Cove.

Buffy, Maddie & Me

Kayaking buddies.

I was invited to the family 4th of July picnic at Kara’s father’s house, where I got to play with the kids, take the Smith Family Portrait, and got a couple of pictures taken of me, too.

Evan, Dan, Oscar & Madeline Smith

The Smith Family Portrait.

Me & Oz

Only watermelon got Oscar to sit still long enough to get his picture taken.

Maddie & Me

Me & Maddie & hugs.

Overnight Sensations 2015

Definitely sensational.

I got to sit with Evan’s mom, Chris, to see Dan’s performance in “Overnight Sensations” at Mill Mountain Theatre. Natalie Faunce and Dan were so funny, I laughed out loud. So did Maddie.

My cattoos are well-protecting while I'm kayaking.

Dan took this picture on another kayak outing. He always referred to them as my “damn cat tattoos.”

When Dan invited me and his family to his house for dinner, I played with the kids upstairs after we finished so the “grown-ups” could have some quiet time. Oz, who I hadn’t gotten to know as well, liked the “cattoos” on my arm, but he tended to hit them rather than pet them. I told him those were my kitties, and they liked to be petted gently.

When the crew was heading toward the door to leave, Oz ran back to the kitchen where I was washing dishes and ever-so-gently petted each cat and gave them each a kiss. My heart melted.

Dan & Maddie run through the sprinkler.

Makeshift summer shower.

One afternoon, Dan had Maddie and suggested they come over to the pool at my apartment complex. The pool’s hours were a bit unpredictable, so I checked that it was open when he called before I told him to come on down. By the time he and Maddie got to my apartment (four blocks away by car), the pool had closed.

After waiting a while, Maddie and I suggested that we go back up to Dan’s house and play in the sprinkler. We had fun, and I got a terrific photo of Dan and Maddie jumping through the sprinkler together. Dan made it the cover of the book he created for Maddie of her summer adventures.

Maddie's card

Click the card to see a larger version.

By then Oz, Kara, and Evan had left to go back to Spain. Dan and Kara’s mother were to take Maddie back at the end of August. I asked if he could arrange for me to say goodbye to her before they left.

The day came, and I hadn’t heard from Dan, so I make a card and emailed it to him to give to Maddie for me. And, to be honest, I cried. How on earth could I get attached to a little girl so fast?

Because Madeline Smith is one special young lady.

I treasure those memories, because this year it’s been different. I’ve gotten to see Maddie once, in passing and quite coincidentally.

Buffy isn’t usually interested in the theatre, but I told him about Overnight Sensations, and he said it sounded like fun. After we had settled in our seats, I saw Kara and Maddie walk across the auditorium a few rows down. I could see that Maddie had grown up a lot since the last time I’d seen her. I got Kara’s attention. Maddie saw us, ran up to our seats, and gave us each hugs to me. We chatted briefly, and then she went to sit with her family.

Thanks for the {{{ hugs }}}, Maddie. Please give one to Oscar for me, too.

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And then some other stuff happened: My 2016 six-month adventure report.

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Unlike the goals I set for 2016 and the mid-year review I did of them, this year has been far from boring. Some highlights:

I recovered from the alien extraction.

RecoveringI recovered quickly from my alien grapefruit/sea scallop removal surgery. To the best of my knowledge, I’m not gestating anymore extraterrestrial beings, crustaceans, or citrus fruit.

I proved I could cook.

Janeson cooking imageI cooked meals for people – real meals with real food eaten at the dining room table with plates and silverware.

Having proved that I can cook, I then discovered the joy of ordering food online for delivery and takeout.

I highly recommend Domino’s lava cakes and Chipotle take-out.

My penthouse hosted an overnight guest and pre-op slumber party.

Cooking can be dangerous - Jeri

Yes, Jeri survived.

I’ve used my second bedroom as a guest room – with an actual guest – more than once. I also got to serve as surrogate family, pre-op staging area, and post-op caregiver. (Not that Jeri actually let me do much for her.) But she is the only houseguest (or houseghost, if you prefer) who has never gotten on my nerves.

I, on the other hand, have found out that I still talk in my sleep. Happily, I didn’t say anything Jeri would admit to being able to understand.

My helping her out wasn’t just out of the goodness of my heart. It also gave me the opportunity to take…

The Best Pre-op Panorama Shot Ever.

Jeri: Pre-op Panorama

I flipped out.

Bouncing FlipI got up the nerve to get on the bungee trampoline at Valley View and bounced and flipped – forward and backward, multiple times.

Not too shabby for a 56 year old with bunions, huh?

I’ll do it again one day when my photographer has fresh batteries for his good camera.

I returned to the the great outdoors.

I’ve spent lots of time outside: hiking, kayaking, and walking on the Greenway.

Buffy sneaks a shot of me when I'm not looking Underwater Low Water Bridge Zippy & 'Yak Storm Damage

And it can quit being so humid now. Just sayin’…..

I rediscovered video!

I rediscovered the video camera feature on my iPhone and have added some new videos here, on my Facebook page, and on my YouTube channel.

My subjects include cute cats, the soothing sounds of water and wind chimes, flood footage, and videos of some events in and around Roanoke.

I became a local art aficionado.

River photo for painting

My photo, from the bridge over the Roanoke River between Wiley Drive and River’s Edge.

Painting in Place

Here’s Terry Lyon’s impressionist rendering of my photo. It’s the focal point of my living room.

I asked Terry Lyon – who I knew from Facebook – if he would do a painting of my favorite evening walk sunset photo, taken with my iPhone. I’ve never commissioned a painting before in my life, but this one told me what it wanted and who it wanted to do it, and I couldn’t be happier.

TK Sharpley, who is also a wonderful photographer, was selling off some of her paintings to pay for her new camera. There was one that loved for all the world like Carvins Cove, so I adopted it.

Then I bought a painting done on a vintage 1900 bench top from a young artist at the “Pop-up” Art Market. The Art Market is at the City Market Building every second and fourth Sunday.

I started going back to my roots, #1.

First, I joined ancestry.com, and with the help on my sole male cousin, discovered that my maternal lineage traces (as far as we’ve gotten so far) to:

Katrina Groenendaal:
Birth 1590 • Groningen, Netherlands
Death 1667 • Groningen, Netherlands

How cool is that? I had no idea I had Dutch ancestors.

I started going back to my roots, #2.

First, with the help of my hair stylist extraordinaire, Jennifer Hare, I got a new haircut and am allowing my natural hair color to emerge. Some would call it “salt and pepper.” I prefer to call it “possum,” because the first time Jennifer cut it, the pile of hair on the floor looked like a giant mutant possum. Really.

Photo to come. Now you have something to look forward to. 😉

Buffy and I developed a(nother) new relationship category.

Night walk with BuffyYep, we did it again. First with LAMP (Living Apart Married People), and now with DMX (Dating My eX).

Yes, we are an exclusive couple. Yes, we’re still divorced. No, we still don’t live together.

We are each other’s “one.”

I discovered the Wasena neighborhood mascot.

Gargoyle with Pink FlamingoWhile taking my walks I’ve gotten to know the neighborhood and some of my neighbors. I came upon this masterpiece of sculpture on the porch of a house on the street behind me and instantly decided that this is the Wasena neighborhood mascot: A gargoyle eating a pink flamingo.

You gotta love a place with a mascot like that.

So that’s 2016 through June 30th. Check back in January to see what I got myself into between July 1st and New Year’s Eve.

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The most boring mid-year goal check-in ever.

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On January 1, 2016, I came up with “The most boring annual goals list ever,” and it’s (a little past) time for my mid-year review. I apologize, but boring goals beget boring reviews. * sigh *

The OCD part of me wrote that list. It was detailed and specific. My my ADD brain is the one that “guides” me through my days, so I forgot my goals almost as soon as I posted them. If I’ve made progress on any of these, all credit goes to my unconscious mind – the holding pen where all the things I decide to do and then forget about go.

Okay, here goes….

1. Make better use of my allotted 24 hours a day.

  • On average, I’m going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. I get moving more quickly than I used to most days. Progress is being made.
  • I’m more aware of my tendency to get caught up in the unimportant. I’ve been able to stop myself – and sometimes even prevent myself – from spending time doing things that don’t need to be done.
  • I’ve learned to plan by starting with the time of my next scheduled activity and working backwards from there to decide what I have time to do.
  • I’ve finally decided that the idea of my living according to a set schedule and regularly setting daily goals is a pipedream. I work most effectively when I do whatever task fits into my brainspace at any given time.

2. Reduce my OCD behaviors.

I don’t waste as much time as I used to on useless planning, but I still have to comb the carpet if it’s shaded funny before I can sit down to work. Go figure.

3. Manage my ADD better.

Not a lot of luck with this one, especially if there’s a lot on my plate with work or relationships. But I get done what I need to get done. That’s good enough for now.

Back stabbing4. Improve my emotional management skills.

Well, I’ve certainly had a need to do that this year. I feel like I’ve gotten on and off an emotional roller coaster about 50 times since January 1st. But I’ve been applying what I’ve learned in #5 below, and those strategies help me deal more effectively with my emotional chatterbox.

5. Take good care of myself.

I’ve been journaling more, talking with friends who let me rant and then give me good advice, getting outside and exercising more regularly. Yay, me!

6. Plan more activities to look forward to.

I started out the year with one set of people to do things with, lost some (related to the roller coaster I mentioned in #4), and gained some who are altogether better for me. Buffy and I are finding more new and different adventures to go on. I’m looking forward to having even more activities to look forward to 🙂

7. Identify and manage my clients’ and prospective clients’ expectation so I can meet them more effectively.

At this point, what i need to manage is making sure I get a deposit before I do work for someone. I can’t buy much with a client’s promise that I’ll be paid.

8. Manage my business processes more effectively.

I still don’t have a system for this, but I have made significant progress on rebuilding my business website (meaning I have parts of it done, but it’s not ready to go live yet).

When it is obvious the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the... Oh look! A kitty!

Graphic by Kimberley Koz.

9. Make myself accountable for following through on my goals.

Giant fail, since my goals seem to change moment-by-moment. I love my GAG (Goal Accountability Group), though. The insights, inspiration, and humor I get from my friends there are invaluable.

10. When given a choice between finding humor in a situation and maintaining social acceptability, always opt for humor. Unless someone’s dead or something.

That I do, with alarming regularity. The problem, of course, is that not everyone feels the same way. Maybe I need to reconsider this one when I can’t avoid those “other sorts” of people.

I have got to come up with some more interesting goals….

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Bouncy waves on the Cove.

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Buffy and I went kayaking both last Saturday and Sunday. We hope to be able to move our arms by midweek. Sunday, especially, the wind and waves made it harder to move in the direction we wanted to move, so more muscle power was required. Probably not a good day for a beginner, but great fun for us: beautiful and fun, exhilarating and tiring.

Waves and wave sounds, for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Click here to view the video on YouTube

And, of course, photos.

I tried to get some different angles this time. And although I don’t like taking pictures of people I don’t know and posting them without permission, I decided to live on the wild side and take a couple with people in them. What a concept!

Click on the thumbnail to see the entire photo.

IMG_1425-edited IMG_1428-edited IMG_1430-edited IMG_1441-edited IMG_1449-editedIMG_1916-edited Help getting into the kayak kayakers-enjoying-the-choppy-water

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A handy tip for writers: Don’t offend your readers.

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Asian EfficiencyYesterday I read the a guest post on the Asian Efficiency blog titled “Why Successful People Plan Their Lives 90 Days at a Time”.

I’ve learned a lot about productivity and time and life management from the folks at Asian Efficiency. Usually their blog posts are spot on. However, this guest post by Taylor Pearson, who writes about “business philosophies and mindsets that yield disproportionately large results” put me off.

Perhaps disproportionally.

The importance of your post’s  introduction.

Hmmph.Pearson’s post is an example of how important introductory remarks are, and how inappropriate or extreme examples can weaken the impact of the post’s content. The main points in the post are good, but they aren’t what I remembered after I read it.

What stuck in my mind after – my “take-away” – was irritation.

How to (unnecessarily) offend your readers:

Demean something personal and important to them.

“When you live in a city, you want to live in the middle of the action downtown, or way out in the country where it’s calm and relaxing. But you don’t want to get caught in suburban purgatory.”

I don’t know about you, but that remember seems guaranteed to raise the hackles of those of us who live in the suburbs and enjoy the “middle ground” between the hustle and bustle of the city and the quiet (and questionable Internet access) of a true country residence.

Use extreme examples.

“Physical items you own, like clothes and bags, are a middle-way-is-the-worst-way phenomenon as well. You typically either want really nice stuff you’ll keep for years or really cheap stuff you won’t mind throwing away.”

It’s appropriate to buy things that are of the quality you need them to be. I hardly think that Chanel and Walmart are the only choices. Often “middle-of-the-road” choices are perfectly reasonable based on one’s expectations and price ranges. Apparently the author hasn’t discovered Target, which offers many “good enough” quality items at reasonable prices.

What’s the point?

These examples were unnecessary, had the potential to offend a significant portion of its readership, and added nothing to the post. I’m not sure why they were in there, but if they hadn’t been I’d be writing about the content of the post, not the effect of a badly written introduction.

A handy tip for writers:

Edit your work.Remember that emotions are stronger than logic. If you offend your readers, they’ll remember that – not the information you are trying to convey.

Edit your work. Read your post from your target audience’s point of view. And for pete’s sake:

Don’t offend your readers before they get to the important stuff.

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Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day: Narcissists can be harmful to your health.

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Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day, June 1st, #IfMyWoundsWereVisibleKim Saeed, life coach and founder of “Let Me Reach” (letmereach.com), announced today, “…There is a movement going around to make June 1st Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day.” Kim specializes in helping victims of narcissistic abuse go “no contact” from their abusers and rebuild their lives.

What is Narcissistic Abuse?

The WikiPedia definition tells us exactly nothing:

“Narcissistic abuse is a term that emerged in the late twentieth century, and became more prominent in the early 21st century because of the works of Alice Miller and other Neo-Freudians, rejecting psychoanalysis as being similar to the poisonous pedagogies.”

Let’s try this again….

How can you identify a narcissist?

Narcissists don’t wear signs, so you have to identify them by their behaviors. The following list is compiled from numerous sources and is far from comprehensive. See the resources section below to get more information.

They lack empathy and become impatient with the feelings of others.
If you try to talk with them about your feelings, they’ll use every possible technique to avoid that conversation: change the subject, blame you, question the facts (or your memory), and/or imply that there’s something wrong with you for feeling the way you do. (See my recent post, “You’re not too senstive.” for more about this type of behavior.

They get impatient and restless when the topic of discussion is not about them.
They may interrupt conversations or interject unrelated comments when the topic is not of interest to them, or they may simply tune out or leave.

They believe rules don’t apply to them.
They will always cheat (with other people, on insurance claims, on taxes, whatever) whenever they think they can get away with it.

Their egos need constant feeding.
They often have a “harem” or a collection of people who will assure them how wonderful they are.

They create an image of themselves as superior to others.
They’ve always done more, done it better, gotten better service, or won more awards than the person they are with – unless they are “courting” someone whose name they can drop later to impress other people.

They post frequently on social media.
They’ll most likely post about their accomplishments, the wonderful things they do, and the wonderful people they know. They are likely to have strong opinions and brook no disagreement with them.

How do narcissists abuse people?

The characteristics and needs of a narcissist color all aspects of their relationships. Whether the narcissist is a lover, friend, parent, or boss, if you’re in a relationship with one, you’re likely to:

  • Be interrupted or ignored when you’re talking about anything other than the narcissist.
  • Have the validity of your feelings, your memory, your character, and your honesty questioned whenever something you say threatens the narcissist’s desired image or is inconvenient to the narcissist.
  • Never have an accomplishment that the narcissist can’t top.
  • Be alternately “courted” and ignored while the narcissist spends time with the other people in his collection, while the narcissist discourages you from maintaining any other relationships.
  • Be criticized for anything you say or do that is counter to the narcissist’s beliefs or image.
  • Be expected to be at the narcissist’s beck and call, without regard to what is convenient for you or what you prefer.

The degree of damage the narcissist can inflict is dependent on how emotionally connected you are to them and how much of yourself you’re willing to give up to want to maintain that connection.

What are the symptoms of narcissistic abuse?

People who have been subject to narcissistic abuse are likely to have:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Trouble trusting their own judgment.
  • Trouble identifying their feelings, wishes, and preferences.
  • Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Physical illnesses resulting from stress.

And that’s the (very) short list.

What can victims of narcissistic abuse do to recover?

It’s important for people who has been abused to be able to identify their abusers as narcissists, to understand the nature of the disorder, and to begin the recovery process from whatever stage they are in – whether still in the relationship or maintaining “no contact” with the abuser.

There are numerous sources of information on the Internet about narcissists, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, narcissistic abuse, and treatment programs for victims of narcissistic abuse. There are also forums for survivors, which can be helpful because, like domestic abuse, it is difficult for people who have not experienced it to understand why the vIctinus stayed in the relationship.

If you think you might have been – or are in – a narcissistic relationship, or you know someone who is, the resources below can help.


“The Big Five, self-esteem, and narcissism as predictors of the topics people write about in Facebook status updates”
» sciencedirect.com

“How The Trauma of Narcissistic Abuse Changes Our World Views”
» afternarcissisticabuse.wordpress.com

“If You Are The Target of Narcissistic Abuse Ways to Think, Words to Say, How to Move On”
» psychologytoday.com

“5 Narcissistic Abuse Hacks – A Cheat Sheet for Decoding the Top Narcissistic Manipulations”
» letmereach.com

» “Abuse Can Be Subtle and Deadly”

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You’re not too sensitive.

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FRAGILEDo people tell you that you are “too sensitive” when you try to talk with them about things that upset you?

The conversation may go something like this:

Me: “I really felt hurt when you told me I was too much trouble to deal with.”
My “Victim”: “Whatever I said I don’t think I intended for you to hear it that way. I was not intending to be hurtful. But I was frustrated that it seemed we hit a point where I was doing all I could, and you were very irritated with me, too.

At this point, if I had good sense, the conversation would be over. What I said has just been judged invalid, and therefore insufficiently important (or sufficiently threatening) to talk about. The chance of the conversation ever moving past, “Why can’t you just let it go?” are somewhere between slim and none.

I am not too sensitive. I’m just trying to talk to the wrong person.

The person I want to talk to is emotionally secure and invested enough in our relationship to be able to talk with me about my feelings without getting defensive.

The person I am talking to is – for whatever reason – trying to avoid talking about what I said.

And why would I want to waste my time trying to explain anything to someone like that?


Aha!Recently two different people used exactly the same types of statements to avoid talking with me about my feelings. I had an, “Aha!” moment. I had stumbled upon the techniques that had left me wondering, “WTF?” and feeling misunderstood and invalidated for years.

Here are some ways that one person invalidates another. I’m sure there are more, but these are the ones I’ve experienced most often:

  1. Questioning perception.
    In the example above, “Whatever I said,” serves the dual purpose of questioning my memory and implying that it might be wrong. If the other person is really intent on putting me (and my concerns) down to a level just below pond scum, the reply can be escalate to questioning my sanity, e.g., “I didn’t say that. Your mind must be playing tricks on you.” Either one implies that if it didn’t happen, it doesn’t need to be talked about.
  2. Denying hurtful intentions.
    If I run into your house with my car, does whether I intended to or not lessen the destruction? Nope. Certainly it’s nice to know that the person who said or did something that hurt me didn’t intend to do so. Nevertheless, good intentions – or the lack of bad ones, as in, “I was not intending to be hurtful, ” don’t change how I feel or address what I said.
  3. Assigning blame.
    “But I was frustrated,” “I was doing all I could,” and, “You were very irritated with me, too,” are all ways of avoiding a discussion about what I said. While all those things may be true, assigning blame is yet another evasive measure. “If it’s your fault, too, so we don’t have to talk about it. Right?”

The Lesson

Lesson 1: Don't try to talk to someone who doesn't want to listen.I’ve found this list to be very helpful. If I hear another of these statements – particularly in conjunction with, “You’re too sensitive,” and “Why can’t you just let it go,” I can instantly determine that this person is, for whatever reason, emotionally unavailable. The effect of this realization can be mild irritation or great pain, depending on how emotionally invested I am in the relationship, but at least now I know that’s there’s nothing wrong with me.

Unless I’m the one doing the invalidating. Then I’m the one who has some work to do.

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Roanoke River sounds and scenes.

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Yesterday evening was the first evening in several days when it wasn’t too cool, windy, humid, or rainy for an evening walk. Buffy called me to see if I wanted to take a walk just as I started to ask him if he wanted to. We both did.

For those of you who need some soothing scenes and sounds, here you go:

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

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Have rocks, will climb. Will be photographed, too.

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Left to his own devices, Buffy comes up with some unique photographic techniques. Here are some of the most interesting ones from yesterday’s hike.

Click a photo, and a larger version will open in another window.


Climbing silhouette silhouette.02

silhouette.03 silhouette.04




“The Rock Janeson Shouldn’t Be Standing On”

Getting readyQueen of the Mountain

And a good time was had by all 🙂

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A cool May day, hiking, cameras, and allergy eyes.

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Today was a cool day for May, but Buffy and I decided it wasn’t too cold to go hiking. It was windy and 48 degrees on North Mountain when we got there. Probably a few degrees warmer after our hike, but we got pretty warmed up walking up and down to the rocks at the top of the first overlook.

And, as you can see from our photos, it was well worth the trip.

Click on a photo and a larger version will open in a new window.

Buffy on the Trail

Buffy: Forest phase.


Buffy catches me in a natural frame.

Wildflower PARTY!

Wildflower PARTY!


These look like honeysuckle and smell divine.

Buffy: Photo geek.

Buffy: Photo geek phase.

Taking a picture of Buffy.

Taking a picture of the photographer.

The spine of the mountain.

The spine of the mountain.

The view from the top of North Mountain

The payoff.

I am tired.

I am tired…


…which gave Stripey an excuse to make me
pet her. Poor me ;-)

I rather enjoyed the cat-petting and nap afterward, too.

The pollen? Let’s just say that I ended our adventure with “allergy eyes,” and Benadryl is my friend.

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