When you're feeling depressed, find something to make you smile.

Having a bad day?
Find something that makes you smile.

Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by your ADHD, run over by your OCD, or re-traumatized by your CPTSD. Or it might feel like your day has had the joy sucked out if for no other reason than it ends in “y”.

On days like that, look for something that makes you smile.

I stumbled across this video on YouTube today: A man singing “You Raise Me Up” to his black cat. No, the singing isn’t wonderful, but when you sing to your pets, it doesn’t have to be.

It made me smile.

It reminded me that when my black cat, Leia, walks across my keyboard, it’s a good time to stop and pet her. And maybe even sing her favorite song to her: “Purple Underpants“.

Now, go out and find something that makes you smile 🙂